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The Asian home furnishing market is vibrant, benefiting from rapid urbanization and consumer upgrading, and its scale continues to expand. The "the Belt and Road", "RCEP" and other policies help to inject strong power into the Asian home furnishing market.

Middle Eastern countries such as the United Arab Emirates have become important growth poles in the high-end home furnishing market due to their affluent consumption capacity and pursuit of high-quality living; Under the background of accelerated urbanization, Southeast Asian countries continue to release household consumption demand. Especially under the "the Belt and Road" initiative, infrastructure construction and investment and trade cooperation have been strengthened, further activating the potential of the regional household market.

As a developed country in Asia, Japan's home furnishing market focuses on detailed design and technological innovation, with a high acceptance of smart and environmentally friendly home products, and has a significant leading role in the overall home design trend in Asia and even globally.

The recently signed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) has effectively promoted the deep integration of supply and industrial chains within the region, reduced transaction costs, opened up new space for international cooperation in the Asian home furnishing industry, and is expected to form a closer regional integrated market, promoting a higher level of openness and prosperity in the Asian home furnishing market.

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